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Other tips

Editing only certain fields

When you call an edit function such as EditContact or EditTask, you can pass new values for all the fields if you want to change everything. If you only want to change specific fields (e.g. if you want to mark a task as completed but don't otherwise want to change anything), you can do this by just omitting any fields you don't want to change. The edit API functions only edit fields that are passed to the API.

Note that this means there's a difference between leaving a field out entirely vs. passing a null value. If you pass a null value, that means we'll blank out the field. If you don't pass a value for the field at all, we'll leave the existing value in place.

Contacts and companies

Contacts are linked to companies via the company name field. When a contact is created, if it has a company name set, one of two things will happen:

  1. If a company with that name exists in the CRM, the contact will be listed as working at that company.
  2. If no such company exists, a company with that name will be created, and the contact will be linked to the new company.

Duplicate company names are not allowed in the CRM.

These rules only apply to contacts and companies that a user has permission to see. For example, if user Alice cannot see Bob's contacts, Alice may create a company with the same name as one of Bob's companies.


Webhooks are a feature that allows you to be proactively notified by LACRM when users take certain actions in the app. You can read about how they work here.

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