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Getting Started


Error Codes

If something goes wrong during an API call, it will return an HTTP 400 along with an error object:

    "ErrorCode": "4178t6namw3vx9s6", 
    "ErrorDecription": "Description of the problem."

The error description should provide enough information to figure out the problem. If you're having trouble you can always contact us with the error code and information about what you are trying to accomplish.

View API call logs

While using the API, it may be useful to view a list of calls you have made to an account. The last 50 API calls from the past week, including function name, timestamp, parameters, and result, are listed in the "API logs" section at the bottom of your API Settings page.

Run into a problem you can't figure out how to fix?

Contact us with more information about what's going wrong, and what you're trying to accomplish.

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